The company has state-of-the-art technology for the automatic processing of wires: cutting, coding, stamp embossing and terminals.

Komax machines models Alpha 355, 355s, 411, 411s.

Megomat machines for cutting multipolar wires.

Automatic connector and sheath engraving system with INK-JET printers.

AMP and Filomat automatic presses, for composite wire crimping.

More than 200 Mecal (Italy) mini applicators, which guarantee the necessary flexibility in the application of electrical terminals.

Modern Amtech ultrasonic welding machines for multiple wire splicing operations up to a total section of 30 mm2.

Modern 3D printers, for the manufacture of counterparts and holders.

MAPSA develops and builds its own electrical control panels for final product inspection. 100% of the control boards are equipped with Dynalab (USA) diagnostic equipment and test report printers. Connector counterparts designed and manufactured with 3D printing system and equipped with gold plated retractable pins are used.

Our laboratory is equipped with Muflas and freezers of more than 400º to less than -30ºC, voltage drop bench, dynamometers, digital microscope, among other devices specially manufactured to comply with the required tests.